Community Engagement

Provo is committed to building and maintaining constructive, lasting relationships with our host communities and other local stakeholders. We accomplish this by fostering sustainable growth and respect for human rights wherever we operate.

Value Creation

Through our business activities, Provo Mining & Construction makes a significant contribution to the national, state and local economies where we operate. For every direct employment created, there are four indirect jobs created in our industry. This ripple effect spreads through the labor market and into the local economies where worker’s spend their incomes. Taxes and other forms of fiscal income are derived from our activities, providing needed funds to public organizations and services.

Local Employment & Procurement

To support local markets and provide further economic uplift, Provo invests in workforce development by offering our host communities employment as well as training for mining jobs. We are committed to employing locally in the surrounding communities as well as within the western United States with an emphasis on Utah, in particular. Provo uses local suppliers whenever possible to benefit our host communities. Our development of local procurement bases also helps our host governments fulfil their development objectives.

Stakeholder dialogue

Provo considers community & stakeholder engagement essential in order to develop transparent, constructive and inclusive relationships with our host communities. We work together with our clients to design and execute best practices for community engagement strategies, which may include procedures for information sharing, consultation and collaboration.