Philosophy & Guidelines

Provo delivers project services from concept to completion and commissioning, ensuring the critical outcomes sought by clients through our deep focus on and systematic approach to the work and our ability to innovate to solve unique project challenges.

Guiding Principals

  • Health & Safety are our core values
  • Meet & exceed client expectations
  • Safely deliver scope, quality and schedule on budget
  • Adhere to highest industry standards in project management

In everything we do, Provo:

  • Makes safe choices
  • Takes actions reflecting our integrity
  • Cares about our environment & community
  • Innovates & solves
  • Plans the work and works the plan

This approach enables us to:

  • Set practical and sustainable long-term standards
  • Act in the long-term interest of our organization and of our clients
  • Apply sustainable business practices in our decisions and corporate strategies
  • Focus on innovation and continuous improvement into every aspect of what we do
  • Program effective risk management strategies and systems
  • Comply with applicable laws in our areas of operation
  • Avoid and prevent conflict of interest, bribery and corruption
  • Maintain best practices and policies to avoid, prevent, mitigate and/or remedy health, safety and environmental impacts to workers and the natural environment