Health, Safety & Environment


  • Committed to Zero Harm approach
  • WorkSafe Program, hazard recognition, assessing severity of risk Implementing either Engineered or Administrative controls
  • Stop Work Authority and Focus 4 Program
  • Our aim is to preserve the natural long-term health, function and viability of
  • the environment and any potential impacts of our activities
  • Enforce proper tool for each task
  • Follow all Industrial Hygiene guidelines

Our Employees

  • Engage, empower and mentor our employees
  • Invest in the growth and development of our people
  • Open communication throughout the organization
  • Recognize and utilize the diversity of our workforce
  • Committed to the needs for family and work life balance

Our Clients

  • Provide service without compromising our principles
  • Dedicated to safe, professional, quality results
  • Communicate respectfully with our clients; understand their needs and develop programs that generate mutual growth and repeat business
  • Deliver innovative, cost effective solutions
  • Exceed our client’s expectations for safety, value and service